WinTask / macro-recorder

Your automation Macro using WinTask Recorder

The WinTask macro software allows you to automate repetitive tasks, such as web-forms filling, web data extraction, report execution and distribution, software installation, web site testing, server maintenance.

You can use it too for mass data-entry, transfer between two incompatible applications or from a Windows application to a website. Our macro program can also be used with software that does not contain macros.

With the WinTask macro recorder, all of your actions are recorded into a script. The macro recorder does not record the mouse co-ordinates where you click, but record your actions on the web or Windows object (for example it records a click on the OK button in the Notepad window, not a mouse click at 180-350 co-ordinates). It provides an efficient and reliable script which replays even if some objects have moved between record and replay.

Take a tour
, watch a 3 mns video to see how to create your first Internet macro using WinTask Recorder (web site launch, click on links, automatic form filling and more)

If you want to turn the macro in a full automation system, more than 300 functions
 are available in WinTask, conditions, loops, error-handling, external files, event triggers.

The WinTask macro software rates above all other automation tools! Whether you are a novice or an expert with the computer, you will find the WinTask software to be the ultimate automation tool.

Download now your free 30-day trial version, and start saving time and money!